Hey friend, here's how to quickly figure out how much longer your Teachable course is:

function getTotalMinutesLeftInCourse() {
  let totalMinutes = 0;
  for (const chapter of getChapters()) {
    if (!chapterIsComplete(chapter)) {
      const [minutes, seconds] = getMinutesAndSeconds(getLengthString(chapter.innerText))
      totalMinutes += (minutes + (seconds / 60))
  return totalMinutes

function getChapters() {
  return document.querySelectorAll(".title-container");

function chapterIsComplete(chapter) {
  return chapter.previousElementSibling.getAttribute("aria-label") === "Completed item"

function getLengthString(string) {
  const lengthString = string.match(/\d:\d\d/)
  if (lengthString == null) {
      // this only happens with quizzes, which is accurate
      console.log(string, 'no match for length');
      return "0:00"
  return lengthString[0];

function getMinutesAndSeconds(lengthString) {
  let [minutes, seconds] = lengthString.split(":")
  return [parseInt(minutes), parseInt(seconds)]

Copy-paste it into your JavaScript console when on the "Course Curriculum" page of whatever course you like, then call getTotalMinutesLeftInCourse().

I made this script because I'm working through Adrian Cantrill's AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate course (highly recommended by the way!) and wanted to figure out how much content I need to work through each day between now and the exam.

The code is also available in this gist. Use it in good health!

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